Welcome members of the creative sphere. This domain is very rewarding yet we know it comes with many burdens. We admire your strength in making these difficult choices and we believe that you deserve the best: you ought to be lucky, happy and successful. We can help in easing out your path: Our professional team of psychic readers are all qualified with high degrees in transparancy. Our aim is to best provide you with the answers that you seek.

Meet our psychic readers

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Sign: Taurus
Rising Sign: Pisces
Katherine holds an MFA from a London University and after a few internships in various galleries and working in retail to sustain herself, she decided it was time to go back to fortune telling and the crystals she used as the base material for her degree show. She is also a medium and psychic and tunes in naturally working with spirit guides. She will quickly start your reading assessing your situation and your future making you feel more positive.
Skills: Medium - Clairvoyant - Psychic
Subjects: Crystals - Career - Lifepath
Katherine's lucky object: Pearl

Sign: Capricorn
Rising Sign: Cancer
Josefina trained as a counsellor and psychic in order to handle the emotional turmoil of her personal artistic practice. She shares a studio with friends in London and works as a psychic when she needs a break from her work or inspiration. Josefina gives clear, deeply empathetic readings and also channels with her pendulum to give detailed advice on how to move forward with a problem situation. She has also trained with leading platform mediums, however, it is important that you ask specifically for a mediumship reading at the start of the call, as this tends to increase the accuracy.
Skills: Psychic - Tarot Card Reader - Counsellor
Subjects: Love - Work Relations - Pendulum
Josefina's lucky object: Pebbles

Sign: Cancer
Rising Sign: Pices
After having to close down her gallery for financial reasons, Anita turned to the pendulum and the crystals to heal herself. It’s in this moment of hardship, when she felt like she was being excluded from an entire community, that her gists became especially profound. For her readings, Anita likes to link to hers and her clients guides, angels helpers and loved ones in spirit to deliver insight and information to you. She can utilise her clairscentience and clairaudience full pictures of your needs in any given situation and to interpret messages that will best serve you to move forward in your work life.
Skills: Clairsentient - Clairaudient - Medium
Subjects: Pendulum - Crystals - Work/Corporate life
Anita's lucky object: Dried Leaf

Sign: Sagittarius
Rising Sign: Gemini
Grace is an extraordinary psychic and clairvoyant who has many years experience, since childhood when she first discovered her gift. She is well known in London for her readings with art world VIPs! She can give you peace of mind, confidence and hope in what the future may hold. Grace is a tarot reader, who works with spirit and can often pick up on loved ones that have passed over, bringing her clients a profound sense of well being, along with answers to their questions. Grace works 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.
Skills: Clairvoyant - Dream Interpretation - Tarot
Subjects: Family - Sleep - Out of Body Experience
Grace's lucky object: Dreamcatcher

Sign: Acquarius
Rising Sign: Leo
Ella’s first encounters with the gift of being healer happened when she was curating a show about care soon after her graduation from an MFA. She came in contact with a group of reiki healers and counsellors and decided that to be able to really understand care she had to train with them and become a certified healer. She then decided to join us to put her recently acquired skills to good use. Ella has the ability to link empathetically with your emotions and to those of people around you. She combines her gifts to give incredibly detailed, honest and compassionate readings. She helps people with the hardest journey they will ever face - which is called Life.
Skills: Reiki Healer - Counsellor - Life Coach
Subjects: Health - LIfe - Runestones
Ella's lucky object: Crystal Ball

Sign: Capricorn
Rising Sign: Virgo
Micaela is one of our most experienced readers. She has practiced in the UK, US, Switzerland and Hong Kong. She came in contact with the world of reading as a release from the stress brought on by her high-powered job as Gallery & Project Manager for a famous international art fair. She developed her gift as a hobby, but when the pressure of her job got too intense to handle, this hobby became her new career. Micaela works with situations concerning work, money or just life in general and is able to tune in to the most difficult and heartbreaking areas, always being able to give guidance and help. Micaela considers herself to be un shockable and will listen patiently to you, empathising on all levels, before giving very positive guidance so that you are able find a way through any issues which may be challenging you now, or even which you consider may be presented to you in the future.
Skills: Medium - Counsellor - Clairaudient
Subjects: Career/work - Astrology - Numerology
Ella's lucky object: Pawn


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